Short professional biography (CV)

Personal data

I was born 14 September 1952 in Copenhagen. I am married to Anette Søe Böss. We have two grown-up chilkdren: Anders Christian, who is a psychologist, and Sissel Christine, who is a journalist. I live in Holstebro in the west of Jutland.


Contact: +45 97435123 or +45 20934818


Academic identity

Through a long and varied career I have learned to master a number of related academic disciplines and I am probably a polyhistor of a kind. However, I chiefly regard myself as a historian with a keen interest in the social sciences, political science in particular.

Acadmic posts and careers

I am at present Associate Professor of History, Director of theCanandian Studies Centre of Aarhus University and Director of the university's MatchPoints Seminar.

Before re-entering academia in 1994, I had careers in the Danish secondary school and as a 'permanent' freelance with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation as a producer of radio programmes on Danish and international society and culture. During that period I also served as an editor, facilitator and consultant for three publishers. After my appoinment as associate professor in 1994 at the Aarhus School of Business and in 1998 at Aarhus University, I have taught history, politics, civics and cultural studies in English degree programmes, i.e. with a focus on the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Research interests and publications

My research interests are wide, and this is reflected in my list of publications. Today I cheifly do research the fields of nationalism, national identity, the nation-state, and nation and state building. Other interests also cover subejcts like globalisation, EU theory, migration, the study of democracy, political theory, political philosophy, public history, and memory studies. I have published on these subjects with primary reference to the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada and Denmark, and secondary reference to France, Germany and Australia.

However, besides my academic publications in English, I also publish books and articles in Danish, many of which are also targeted at a general, informed audience.

Professional honors and academic posts

I seem to possess organisational and entrepreneurial gifts, which I have used for both civic and professional purposes. In the 1980s, I headed a professional organisation and organised a number of major projects. In the early 1990s, I established and ran an international cultural festival. Later, back in academia, I contributed to creating both a European and a Nordic Irish Studies association. In 1998, I established the Centre for Irish Studies at Aarhus University. In 2001, I founded the now highly ranked Nordic Irish Studies Journal. In the 1990s, I served for four years as President of the Danish Association for American Studies, and, in the following decade, I was President of the European Federation for Associations and Centres of Irish Studies for another four years. I stepped down as Director of the Centre for Irish Studies in 2009 to become Director for the Canadian Studies Centre at Aarhus University. In 2007 I organised the first MatchPoints Seminar. The seminar, which has been held annually since that year and involves editing a book series, occupies half of my professional time. It is regarded as a 'flagship' for Aarhus University.

Since 1976, I have spent many teaching and research periods at American, Australian, Irish and Canadian colleges and universities with the support of research grants such as the Fulbright Scholarship. In recent years, I have been a research fellow at Monash University, Melbourne, and University of British Columbia, Vancouver. I regularly guest lecture at Danish, Swedish, and other European universities. Since 2008, I have been a member of the international jury of the Estoril Global Issues Distinguised Book Prize

Other activities

I am a commentator for the public media on British, Canadian, Irish and Danish politics. I continuously contribute to public debates in books and articles. Since 2006 I have written at least twice a month for the national daily Berlingske.

    -  Dansk partipolitik, specielt værdipolitik

    -  Kulturpolitik 

    -  Europæisk historie og politik, specielt forholdet mellem EU og nationalstaten

    -  Irland - historie, samfund, politik og kultur